January 19, 2010

wave on wave

Yup, more waves. I'm gonna be away from these for a few weeks, so indulge me a little. Unfortunately, photos just never do justice or show the size of these like seeing them in person does, but one of the cool thing about storms like those we've been having in Southern California (tornadoes even. crazy!) is their effect on the ocean. The waves were plenty big and rough today. My neighborhood, El Porto, is one of the prime surfing spots in SoCal, but today everyone was just coming out to watch the waves by themselves. From some of the comments, it sounded like a lot of the viewers were surfers. I guess even when you can't be out riding the waves, its still hard to resist their pull. I can relate.

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Jim said...

So can I. Wish we were there too. But hey, we had fog here. We don't see that too often in the desert. Thanks for sharing the pics. And have a safe trip and good luck up north.