January 14, 2010

unplanned hiatus

So... I took a little hiatus from the blog. It was actually unplanned and unintended, and hopefully I didn't lose you in the process. My apologies. The last few days have been a mix of trying to keep up with work and catch up from the holidays while dealing with one small problem after another (for instance, my annual new years cards, now on their third printing, have yet to go out) and on top of it all being physically sick. I'm also a week away from leaving for Vancouver for work on the Olympics, which of course brings my usual pre-trip panic starting to build. In the midst of all that, the blog just fell to the bottom of the list and didn't get updated. I do try to add something at least five to six days a week so that checking can become a daily habit, and I do hope to keep that up, even though Twitter has certainly chipped away at that since it is a continual quick outlet to post the kind of things I often blog. So again, my apologies. In the meantime, we've been having some crazy big waves here lately. Here are some pics of todays.

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