January 26, 2010

see wall

I finally made it out to see some of Vancouver in the daylight today (which isn't necessarily saying much - it seems to get dark here around 4:30pm), but I took a good long stroll along the SeaWall and through some neighborhoods, which were definitely beautiful. I also have realized that I somehow had my East and West mixed up, thinking the ocean was on the other side of the island. And while its plenty chilly here for me, apparently its unseasonably warm for here. It seemed like everyone was out to take in a walk or bike or skateboard or play hockey or lacrosse. A lot of people mention being worried about the weather for the Olympics (with it being so warm), though I could swear that seems to be an issue every time. I'm sure they'll pull it off just fine. If not, it may just be too beautiful for anyone to even notice.

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