January 23, 2010

o canada

So as you may have gathered via Twitter or elsewhere, I am now in Vancouver for a few weeks. I'm up here to work with NBC Olympics again as I did for the Torino and Beijing games. My work for them doesn't begin for another week, so I came up early with the intention of having some time to see a little bit of the city and get acquainted before work begins, since once it does, we're on 12 hour, 7 day/week schedules. As it turns out, I still have a project that hasn't wrapped, so that's probably going to end up filling most of this first week. Luckily, that's easier done from here than, for example, Germany. The apartment I rented is great and in a perfect location bordering their downtown and West End neighborhoods. People are friendly and you can feel the Olympic energy starting to ramp up a little. So far I've learned to distinguish my Loonies from my Toonies (much easier than the European 1 and 2 dollar coins), caught some curling on tv, and discovered some decent lagers (that didn't take long huh?). And word of warning: ignore me in two or three weeks when I hit my burnout stage and start whining about it, its just part of the normal cycle of the gig. This city sparkles. I think this is gonna be a good experience.

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