December 23, 2009


Just a couple highlights from the last couple days in Virginia... I went with my folks to a party outside of town on Tuesday night, the main feature of which was a series of rooms decorated in different colors and themes in a pretty elaborate manor as part of a charity fundraiser. Earlier that day I had also noticed a comment on facebook that my friends George and Joe (whose wedding I went to in Boston a few weeks ago) were on their way from Jersey to North Carolina. I messaged that they should come visit in VA, figuring it understandably wouldn't fit in their schedule or route - but to my pleasant surprise, it actually did. So today they came through town and stopped for some lunch and a visit with the folks. Its kind of odd to see real friends in this environment, it definitely made a nice twist to being home for Christmas. And then later I went out with my niece and nephew to wrap up some late Christmas shopping, ending up at none other than Walmart well after midnight. I'm really not sure which of the three experiences was more surreal. Welcome to Winchester.

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