December 14, 2009


Sunday was one of my favorite events of every year, the Holiday Fireworks in Manhattan Beach. This year was probably the best and most fun of any of our years of going. We always end up rushed to try and have dinner and get to the show on time. For whatever reason, it never occurred to me to start early and make a day of it before, but this year we planned it as a mini-pub crawl way and it couldn't have worked out more perfectly. Three of us kicked off the day at Noon with the bloody mary bar at Sharkeez before biking down to (my favorite) Simmzy's down by the pier, where the group continued to grow unexpectedly (but happily) to 11 or 12 of us. Just before the fireworks we ventured out to the crowd, but walked right down to a virtually empty parking lot at the base of the pier (and right by the speakers). It was the perfect spot for an amazing fireworks show set to Christmas music. The great show didn't end our night: we moved on to Ercole's, Manhattan Beach's oldest bar to cap our night (well, if you don't include the stop at the Kettle diner afterward.) But it really wasn't about where we went as much as the people - it was the best group we've had - and I don't think anyone (including me) knew everyone in the group before that day, yet everyone was open and friendly and a whole barrel of fun. It was like an old group of pals getting back together. I managed to take about 230 pics in the course of the night - everyone is laughing in every one of em.

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