December 29, 2009


Nice day hangin out with my sister and nephew today in Baltimore - started with a haircut, which was needed (well, in my opinion at least) and then to a batting cages/baseball clinics place for Sumner to check out; then we headed to Fells Point, where I seemed to remember having my first sushi at John Stevens, oh, 15 years ago (shut up). First we got distracted by this large structure that turned out to be the gateway to a cemetery, and in true Baltimore fashion, were greeted by a raven flying over and landing on one of the gravestones. We made it down to Fells Point, but John Steves looked a little too nice from the outside, so we popped into Bertha's for some mussels and hot cider instead. On the way back home, we stopped briefly (it was freezing!) at the Miracle on 34th Street, a block of rowhouses that goes all out in their decorations for Christmas. A good locals-ish kinda tour with a Bawlmer accent, to be traded in tomorrow for a Nawlins one.

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