November 30, 2009

triple threat

We may have been there for Adam and Ivan's birthdays, but anytime at Mike and Steve's house is all about the puppies. Okay, well it is for me, anyway. Meet Josie, Matty, and Wyatt, or as I call em, the triple threat. They're about a year old and as adorable as they come. One unusual thing about them is that they really aren't all that interested in people as far as being scratched or attention - all they care about is the ball (which often means getting you to throw the ball - that's when they care about you). Of course I was wrapped up with the dogs half the time, but the night was a really nice one with some new folks and some I hadn't seen for a while. Mike made an amazing meal and of course there was cake. I won't go into what was on it, but they actually picked up the wrong cake from the bakery. So what's funnier could be what the other people ended up with! If nothing else, it was a good reminder that I really should spend more time in Long Beach.

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