November 26, 2009

thanksgiving at the beach

Ah, Thanksgiving at the Beach. This is when I began this blog 4 years ago (scary huh?) and that day was a lot like today. We seem to often get blessed with unusually nice weather, and this year was no different. My friend Matt is visiting from Manitoba, so we took the bikes for a tour up the beach to Marina Del Rey before turning around and coming back for turkey (even though he already had one Thanksgiving this year). It was fun to see all the people having cooking their Thanksgiving dinners at the campground and at the fire pits on the beach at Dockweiler. After getting back, Matt took charge of the side dishes while I tended to the turkey and (of course) the pecan pie. Everything turned out great, with tons of leftovers (which to me is really the best part of Thanksgiving anyway). My friend Pat stopped in for some pie and beers and we spent the evening like probably a good part of the country - in food coma. Since my family is on the other side of the country, this is the next best way for me to spend the day.

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