November 19, 2009

boston bitchin

Well since I see most cities at night, why not Boston too? I spent the day getting here for my friend George & Joe's wedding this weekend. Good thing I like them a lot, because it was a day of misery. My own fault for saving a few bucks and flying American, but I guess its been a while and I had forgotten how bad it can be. I would have expected problems today because of the FAA outages, but of course, it turned out that most of the problems were due to carry-ons, which of course are a result of their baggage fees (a 90 minute line at the airport to check bag sizes before the security line, hassles boarding, de-planing and connecting, late takeoffs and angry attendants and passengers because of not enough bin space; along with (unrelated) out of service restrooms, out of stock service items, blah blah blah). Anyway, I'm here. But I really did realize that if I had to fly them often that I probably wouldn't travel as much as I do. (in fairness, United is often just as bad; and I have had good AA flights in the past), but its a far cry from flying Southwest, JetBlue, Virgin, or any european airline. But... the place in Boston is awesome (I rented an apartment in a rowhouse; more on that later) and it was tempting just to veg on the couch after the days hassles. Instead I dragged myself out for what I figured would be pointlessly popping in a couple bars since it was just an hour before closing on a Thursday. To my surprise, despite the streets being empty, there were people out and folks were friendly. It made for a good start of the trip, and a good ending to a bad day.

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