November 25, 2009

backtrack: the wedding

Backtracking again to the weekend in Boston: The main event was George & Joe's wedding on Saturday. It was an intentionally small wedding, so I felt privileged to be included, though after the festivities of the night before, getting there was quite the chore! The wedding itself turned out to be the most genuine and personal wedding I have ever been to. The Reverend did a great job of balancing formal with personal and light touches with emotional moments. Highlights were the interfaith readings, the vows (written by each and kept secret until they were read), and great performances by singer Robert German. Afterward, we were treated to what seemed like endless trays of what could have been amuse bouches from Top Chef while the main room was turned into a dining room for a seriously elaborate wedding dinner. Later that night, many of us met up with the wedding party at the House of Blues for a night of disco. Sure, that may not be exactly my scene (as was probably painfully obvious), but it was still a fun time and I was thrilled to be there with everyone after a day like that. True to form, we ended the night on the street with Fenway Park looking down on us as we chowed down on sausages from a street vendor. It won't be just the newlyweds who remember this wedding for a long time to come.

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