November 24, 2009

backtrack: prenups

Backtracking to the weekend in Boston: Friday was the prenup party for the wedding. That wasn't what they called it, but its my name for it. We met up in Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborhood at Doyle's Cafe, a Boston institution since 1882. Where else do you find a Guiness sign hanging next to a protrait of a Catholic Cardinal? It was surprising how quickly a group of people who didn't know each other felt comfortable with each other knowing were all here for the same reason. Large contingents from LA, Philadelphia, and Boston and Jersey (including a couple special guests) were all present. What started as a sedate dinner quickly evolved into a long and lively party - it was refreshing to hear people from LA so bad at karaoke. It didn't hurt (or help?) that every time you put a beer down the waitress was right there with another one for you. Wedding dinners generally aren't this fun, but considering the hosts, it should come as no surprise.

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