November 28, 2009

thar she blows

Yesterday we took the long way through the Palos Verdes Peninsula so Matt could see the equestrian neighborhoods there (he's a vet) and over the Vincent Thomas Bridge to Long Beach for a whale watching excursion. To our surprise, we saw lots of whales, including fin, minke, and blue whales, not to mention sea otters and hundreds of dolphins. The dolphins really stole the show as they swam along with the boat and seemed to be playing with us as they jumped and flipped along as though racing us. It was pretty amazing and more fun than I would have imagined. It was pretty cold, but worth it to stand out on the boat as we plowed over waves like a rollercoaster as well as to watch the lights from LA to Long Beach as we came back to shore. Given how close and inexpensive and easy it was, I had to wonder why I hadn't done this before. Hopefully I'll be repeating this one often.
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