October 12, 2009

road trip

A fun couple days... In case you were wondering, the guys in several of the pics from my birthday are Kai and Heinrich - two friends from Munich who are visiting on their first trip to the US. We took a road trip yesterday down to San Diego to celebrate my birthday at one of my favorite bars. As always, it was a lot of fun, and was glad to get to see a bunch of friends who I really should see more often. Best of all, I think Kai and Heinrich had even more fun than I did. One of the fun things about having visitors is that you get to do some of the tourist things you never have gotten around to doing. Today we took a harbor cruise around San Diego that was both more interesting and enjoyable than I would have expected - sometimes I may be too skeptical of tourist attractions. We grabbed some amazing food afterward, then tried to walk it off with a stroll around the buildings left from the Pan-American Exposition in Balboa Park, and finally capped the day with a stop at the LoJolla Cove to see the sea lions. The guys crashed not long after we got back around 9:30 - they're never gonna get on West Coast time keeping those hours! Tomorrow they're on their own while I catch up on work. Now that could be quite the adventure.

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