October 3, 2009


Today was the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair, a typical fair of arts and crafts booths, bands you've never heard of, antique cars, and food booths. The one thing that seems different about the food booths is that there are a lot more than most festivals, and it seems like most are fundraiser booths for local community groups. For me, there's really only one attraction: the pepperbelly. This is the only place I've ever seen one, though a little googling showed that it looks to be the same as something I know well from my time in Texas: the frito pie. The pepperbelly has no redeeming value other than the taste. It's a single serving size bag of fritos, cut open sideways and topped with whatever combination of chili, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, onions, peppers, etc that you choose. Spoon it out and eat. Nom! My neighbor Laura and her sister Karen went to the fair with me, I think it was their first pepperbelly/frito pie experience (they liked), as well as their first fried oreo (meh, not so good). One tasty day topped off by perfect weather. A typical October weekend at the beach.

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