October 5, 2009

park ranging

More from yesterday at Disneyland. I really gotta hand it to my friend Alan, he really guided us through the parks well and we really worked Disney's FastPass system for a perfect day. We hardly had to wait very long in any lines, despite Disneyland being fairly crowded (California Adventure - shocker - wasn't). A lot of the attractions were redone for Halloween, but I have to admit that I prefer the original version for all of them. After gettin some food halfway through the day, we also attacked the bar. That was a first for me at Disneyland, but it was fun. The fireworks, also were redone for Halloween, but again were not as impressive as the normal show. It was a long day and I was completely worn out at the end of it, but it was still lotsa fun. With almost perfect weather and good friends to share it with, I can't think of how it could have been any better.

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