September 19, 2009


God I love this town. A few more slivers from Munich last night and today. Oktoberfest officially started today, and of course the big event is Bräurosl Sunday tomorrow (so don't even expect a blog post), but things got well into high gear Friday night. It seems like far more lederhosen and drindl around on Friday and Saturday than I remember seeing on previous years, but that could be due to the warm weather we're lucky to have so far (albeit with clouds and sprinkles). Last night was an organized festival party that was so-so (no schalger? what were they thinkin?! seriously?) and a couple bar stops afterward. Today started with a brunch in a biergarten out in the 'suburbs' and evolved into stops in several bars back in the home neighborhood starting with the "cake and coffee" stop (we had beer) in the afternoon and bumping into friends at one bar or the other afterward. Another party tonight, and hopefully enough sleep to prepare for tomorrow. There's just no way not to have fun in Munich during Wies'n!

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