September 22, 2009


A day of recovery, then an evening of Vietnamese with friends (they said they were schnitzeled-out), a night at a Schlager bar, followed by the glorious morning construction workers at the hotel window. What a long strange trip its been. (and just for the hell of it: just when we think the US has commercialized everything, notice the ads on the paper towels from the bathroom at the bar).


Jim said...

It looks like the "Liaba Bua" had lots of fun. I'm glad that Petrus was kind to you too.

Now I hope Petrus is kind to us as well. Looks like my partner and I are heading to München ourselves over the holidays to visit family and friends and to show George my old neighborhood. It'll be my first time back since 2001 and my first winter in almost 20 years. Oy! What was I thinking? LOL

I guess we'll be drinking lots of Glühwein to keep us warm.

langolier said...

I don't see the 'glorious morning construction workers at the hotel window'. No pic?

Unknown said...

I never saw them either. but man am I sick of hearing them!