September 21, 2009


Oktoberfest never disappoints. My friends Richard and Markus and I went with purchased tickets this year to allow us a little extra sleep before starting the day. We heard stories that the doors closed at 9am - meaning the tent was full already. Whether thats true or not, I can't say, because its one of those things that is always subject to hyperbole. But getting there at 11 ended up being pretty much perfect timing for us (and doors were definitely closed then, which I don't think was the case last year, though we were much earlier last year in expectation for that). It was your usual Bräurosl Sunday. Several thousand of your closest friends packed in a tent for beer and singing and general merriment. The band stuck to the hits much more this year, which was just fine by me - giving me at least 4 or 5 times to do my favorite lasso dance. As the night wore on they veered into other songs. As with every year, at some point I get overwhelmed with how amazing it is that a gathering this large is all sharing in a communal joy, because that's really the only point of it all. Usually its during a favorite schmaltzy schlager song that I never hear anywhere else like "Einen Stern", but this year, of all times, the tears started against my will during "Let it Be". Go figure. I've learned to just keep singing through em. But it's just another part of the night that before you know it always comes to an end too soon. Yes, even 11 hours is never enough. Once the tent closes, we always go for a couple rides to close the fest for another year. Another one down. Such a rollercoaster of a day from high expectations, to pure joy, to disappointment that it has to end. But that's really the only disappointment there is.

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