September 23, 2009

never enough

Because our Sundays at Oktoberfest are completely consumed with the Bräurosl Sunday event, my friend Richard is usually willing to make a second visit to Oktoberfest to wander around other tents and rides while I'm still in Munich. Yesterday our friend Markus joined us for an evening of perfect weather at the grounds. We wandered through a few tents, but spent most of our evening in a biergarten at the Ochsenbraterei, including an almost-required half-chicken to go with our bier. I was more amused by the lady with the bucket of pickles, though. Of course I got one. We also stopped by the Augustiner tent at the end of the night to say to my new friend Andy that I met the night before. We hung with him a little as he finished his workday and he taught me the proper technique for carrying a fistful of mugs. Richard and I tried to make it on a ride after that, but managed to catch them just as they closed the ticket booths. I was prepared to even get on the Star Flyer, the one ride that taunts me every year. All in all, another fun Wies'n night for me and a chance to see a few other sides of the fest, because you just can never get enough or experience it all.

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