September 8, 2009


A quick post with a few of the sights from yesterday. The main stop along my wanderings was the new German Currywurst Museum. Currywurst is often said to be the national dish of Germany for all kinds of cultural and social reasons. The museum was small, but fun; the biggest thing missing was an actual currywurst stand in it - or even just outside the door. Easily the best part of the museum is a short film by LA filmmaker Grace Lee called "The Best of the Wurst" - it gives a great sense of Berlin as a whole, using currywurst as the lens through which to see the city and its people (and of course, I could relate to her LA comparisons as well). I found the film online at the link below. Otherwise the sights are from the area nearby, which is also the location of Checkpoint Charlie - a key gate in the division between East and West Berlin.
  • iFilm: Best of the Wurst, Grace Lee
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