September 14, 2009


Cologne took some time for me to warm up to. My first night here seemed a little rough as the people were not as friendly as I guess I have been lucky to have found elsewhere. The next day I realized I was getting a little under the weather, so it could have been that I was feeling that the night before without realizing it. But with most of the day in bed to get some good rest, as well as doing a bunch of work stuff, I didn't get out to explore the town til the night (which isn't all that uncommon for me anyway). What I love about Cologne is similar to Rome in a way (not that they are alike, but they share this trait): its relatively new and alive, but smack in the middle of it all are pieces of history from very long ago. But they way they are incorporated into the current life and not treated as museum pieces is what I do love. And a lot of what you think is old turns out to be new at second glance, the new and old blend and intermingle in a very cohesive way. For a fairly small town that turns in early, it still feels very alive. No wonder the song is Viva Colonia. It fits.

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