August 2, 2009

surf and serves

This weekend was another of my favorite events here at the beach. The International Surf Festival includes lifeguard competitions, sand soccer, and a host of other events, but the main event is the Six Man Volleyball Tournament - essentially a marriage of mardi gras and beach volleyball (still legal - for now). Teams compete all weekend, complete with themes and costumes, and the beach is just packed with people out partying and enjoying the fun. The weather was perfect. My friends Pat and Heith and I biked down to spend the day in the crowd. Heith and I continued into the evening at a few of the local watering holes, including the traditional stop in Ercole's, and of course a visit to my new favorite place, Simmzy's. It was a very full day, but lots of fun, and well worth taking a day off of work for.

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