August 11, 2009

traveltip: hold it

This will make my friends who work on films cringe, but I have come to love watching movies on my iPhone on airplanes. The biggest problem, of course, becomes that the phone doesn't stand on it own. But there's an app for that. Okay, not really, but there is an easy and free solution. A google search took me to a YouTube video of Dean or Ying (I don't know which) giving directions that were even simpler than they look. His blog links to a template you can download and print to show where to bend a paper clip to make your own iPhone landscape-oriented holder. My tips: use a large size paperclip (obviously), and use a pair of pliers so you can make the bends tight (and easily), and make sure the 'back' has a good angle inward. Mine is hardly a perfect version, but even so, what's most surprising is how snugly and solidly it holds the phone. Now you've got your own personal movie player without taking up any more space than the phone does. Thanks to deanying for sharing it with the world.
  • Dean & Ying's blog: iPhone Paper Clip Stand
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