July 5, 2009

united we strand

A few more from the fourth extravaganza... One of the things I love best is how you can feel the holiday in the air here. Even as early as it was in the morning, people were everywhere along the strand from Manhattan Beach through Hermosa to Redondo. Parties were already underway or being set up. People were selling everything from lemonade to cupcakes along the strand. As we approached the area where the Ironman is held and we saw the throngs of people on the beach, we realized half the throng was already in the water. We still got there to catch half of the fun and the messy aftermath. From there we started our pilgrimage through several stops in Hermosa and Redondo, with a couple friends joining at different stops along the way. The weather was perfect, the food was good, and the beer was cold. And after a break for dinner, we reconvened by the marina for fireworks. A perfect cap to another great fourth at the beach.

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