July 16, 2009

tasting St Louis

When I was here a few years ago for the World Series, I asked around about local foods and flavors, and the only thing anyone mentioned was Ted Drewes Frozen Custard (inventors of the Concrete - copied by Dairy Queen as the Blizzard after unsuccessfully trying to uy the rights to it). But a little research beforehand taught us there is a lot more to taste in St Louis. Wednesday included sampling the St Paul Sandwich (fried egg foo young as a sandwich) and crab rangoon (rumored to have debuted at the 1904 Worlds Fair, but also claimed to have been created by Trader Vics in the 50s) for lunch. And Dinner took us to Imo's for St Louis Style Pizza (who knew?!) made of extrememly flat crust and with Provel cheese (not Provolone, Provel), circular, but cut in squares; as well as toasted ravioli. And of course, a stop at Ted Drewes to cap off the night. Still to taste: Gooey Butter Cake. On our way for that now...

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