July 19, 2009


If you happened to be following my tweets on Thursday as I made my way home from St. Louis, you will already know that when I arrived at the airport, my flight was delayed an hour. In the course of events, it was delayed even further and was maybe two hours late once we left St Louis. Of course, I was connecting in Minneapolis with a one hour connection window, meaning I would arrive more than an hour too late for that connection. I called in to Delta/Northwest (I don't know who they are anymore - they kept calling it Northwest, but the gates and everything on the planes all said Delta), to ask an agent if I needed to rebook - she said there were no more flights out of Minneapolis that night and offered to put me on one the next morning. Not wanting to get into details about if that included a hotel, and not knowing if my connection might also be delayed, I opted not to. So I flew on to Minneapolis not knowing what would happen. What happened next shouldn't be a surprise, but it shocked me. When I got off the plane, an agent was at the exit waiting. I said I was connecting to LA, he asked my name, and handed me a group of papers among many that he had stacked there, saying they had booked me on a flight in an hour leaving from this same gate, that my boarding passes and everything I needed were attached. Wow. That was easy. I didn't have to go wait in some customer service line to try to figure out what I had to do. No standing at a desk while someone hunted to find some convoluted way to get me back. No arguments, no questions, no hassle. Handled. Just the way it should be. As often as I moan about airlines on here, it seems only right to give credit for something done right. Points to Delta (or Northwest?) for doing it right.

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Phil Han said...

Go Delta! Unfortunately the confusion over their identity will be muddled for awhile as Delta set out to inform their European customers already use to the NWA brand, about the merger and their North American routes.