July 11, 2009

mo mentum

Long day gettin to St Louis - still really busy with work, so doing that right up until leaving, as well as on the plane, and even here in St Louis this morning. But still, that's what allows me to be here, so I'm not complaining. The flight from Minneapolis to St Louis had empty seats, including next to me - talk about luxury these days! - and also had some amazing light shows thanks to mother nature. After a few stumbles between the airport and the hotel, it was 1am by the time I got to the room, but I had been looking forward to sitting down with a drink all day, so I made Myron go out. Thinking bars were closing soon, we ended up at a cool joint down the street, little did we know it was open til 3. And even better, there was a White Castle next door. Not a bad start...

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