July 23, 2009

marked one

This week has been slammed. Pretty much since getting back from St Louis, I've barely even left the house - which isn't a complaint, just an explanation of why I've been so quiet lately. Yesterday while pluggin away, I saw the Marked5 truck tweet that they were in El Segundo. El Segundo borders El Porto, and isn't very big, so they had to be close. I hadn't tried them before, but they're one of the slew of gourmet food trucks making a huge splash around LA right now. I managed to catch 'em before they left, got in my order for a Katsu Pork and Curry Chicken along with some shrimp chips, and took it back home and walked down to the beach for a lunch break. They were greasy, but pretty tasty. I expected slider size sandwiches, but these were close to full size (it ended up being dinner too). I definitely liked the curry chicken best. The most interesting and unexpected (and filling) thing is that the "bread" is a freshly made rice patty. Nom! Another food truck down... we'll see whos next!

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