July 17, 2009


Myron and I spent our last hours in St Louis getting in a last taste of what we had missed of the city. We discovered the neighborhood of Lafayette Square, which was surprisingly stunning. What took us there was the listing of Park Avenue Coffee as having one of the city's best Ooey Gooey Butter Cake, a local tradition. We were expecting a big cakey thing with some sort of liquidy inside - instead we discovered them to be almost like a brownie - and that they came in many flavors - though we decided we both preferred the traditional the best. We also loved a fun shop there called 'Four Muddy Paws' - I would have stolen their golden retriever if I could have. With a little time left, we swung by the old courthouse and caught some exhibits on St Louis history and the Dred Scott decision, which was decided there. But then our time was up. Thanks St Louis, we had a great time.

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