July 15, 2009

good game

St Louis has outdone itself. Its really one of the best hosts, especially the people, of the 8 All Star Games we've been to. Myron and I were monitoring tickets online before the game, there were tons available on Craigslist but the broker and stubhub prices weren't in line with that, so I had a feeling we'd do better just walking around the stadium. We talked to a few guys on the street on the way - decent deals, but I was looking for better. When we got to the ballpark, we did out habitual check at the ticket window just in case - and sure enough, they were releasing tickets. We ended up with two in the Redbird Club at face value, meaning that for the three days, we paid less than face for all events combined. Security lines were long, but people were in good spirits. We made our way to the Redbird Club and dicovered it to be full of fancier food and drink options (even a cupcake booth). Bonus. We started with Bratzels - I hadn't heard of them but I'm always up for stuff I've never had. The game was a good one (despite the loss of the NL for me - Myrons an AL guy) and the fans were generally pretty respectful of players from teams they didn't like (compared to other cities/years). At one point during the game I came back to my seat to find the giveaway seat cushion had been taken by someone. The guy next to Myron was so bothered by the impression that made about St Louis that without our knowing, he went to an usher, who brought a new one 5 minutes later. The seat cushion really didn't matter to me, but I was impressed that both would care. On the way out after the game, an usher, seeing my Dodgers jersey said "good luck to you guys on the rest of the season". Wow. I can't think of the last time I ever got a positive comment on any jersey I wore by someone who wasn't also a fan. All week people here have seemed genuinely interested in knowing that we were enjoying their city. Thanks to them, we did.

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Kelly said...

Midwesterners are so nice!