July 29, 2009

dream house

Still working... so just a quick post. I found this the other day via BuzzFeed. A great art installation by 555 Rubik at the Galerie der Gegenwart in Hamburg. They projected onto the facade of the building, creating multidimensional planes where none exist. Its fascinating to watch. I wonder real the illusion seems if you're there in person, but judging by the reactions in the video, it must to at least some degree. The name of the piece translates as "How it would be if a house was dreaming." Enjoy.
  • YouTube: "How it would be if a house was dreaming.
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    Jim said...

    Pretty amazing. Did you see the three logo finalists for Munich's 2018 Winter Olympics bid? You can see them on my blog. I thought you may be interested since you're a designer yourself and like Munich a lot. What do you think of these designs?