July 25, 2009


One of my favorite movies as a kid was 'Tron'. I don't know why, cause it was, well, kinda bad. It was a huge flop for Disney, but it has always maintained some sort of cult following. Last week Disney released a viral marketing campaign around the upcoming sequel to Tron that is a case study in viral marketing done right. Who'd have ever thought Disney could get that right? The link below from AdFreak has details on it, but the buzz it created on Friday - a year before the movie - was huge. And a little surprising considering what a flop the first one was. It led me to the trailer below showing the famous lightcycle race reenvisioned for the upcoming 'Tron Legacy'. I heard a radio interview once with the production designer about how much they had to low-tech and bring down the special effects quality in the movie, because video games weren't capable of graphics and effects that good at that time (the movie is about the inside of a video game). Its pretty exciting to see what they can do now that games have advanced so much, eliminating that limitation. The soundtrack by Daft Punk sounds great too, but I hope they still have some of the riffs from the old one. I still have the album. (yes, album. Shut up.) I'm looking forward to this one....
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  • AdFreak: Tron viral leads fans to LightCycle
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    Jim said...

    I still have my "Tron" soundtrack album too. I've never parted from any of my albums and I probably never will until I die.

    I always thought that "Tron" was a cool movie...in a bad kinda way. What can I say? I'm weird.