July 1, 2009


A break from work tonight for a bit to go to our last movie night in the "Last Remaining Seats" series. Tonight we were back to the Orpheum for "Pandora's Box" a 1929 German silent movie based on Wedekind's stories of Lulu. I think it was the first time I've seen a full length silent film, complete with accompaniment on the Mighty Wurlitzer, of course, in a theater. It being such a 'scandalous' tale of its time (and of course the German aspect) only added to the luster. We grabbed drinks at the Broadway bar next door beforehand, which suggested we bring in food from the Pastrami Stand next door. Fast, tasty, fun, perfect. I have to give kudos to my friend Alan for putting these together. This series is one of those things I always want to and mean to do every year since I moved to LA, but never have managed to. Alan rounded up a few of us in advance and had everything ready to snag tix as soon as they went on sale. They've been some fun evenings of movies and theaters I wouldn't have seen otherwise.

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