June 8, 2009

welcome details

My friend Jim came down to the beach today to help me out with some car repairs (thanks Jim!); we grabbed lunch at a place thats only been open a few weeks downtown by the pier called Simmzy's. I had been once for a beer at night, but have been wanting to go during the day and sit on the patio. Simmzy's features a lot of not-so-common beer choices but (to my delight) doesn't shy away from whites and wheats in their offerings. We tested a couple, but I stuck with an Allagash White from Maine (which seems to be becoming popular around town). But just as good as the beer was the food. I had some pulled pork with enough tang to do any Tennesseean or Carolinian proud. The weather was perfect again today and a sliver of the ocean was visible in the distance. There's a slight tinge of Manhattan Beach frou-frou-ness, but the place is still generally comfortable. Oddly enough, what impressed us both was when a server brought Jim a glass of water - unasked for - as I was signing the bill, apparently seeing that we were still in conversation and noticing that I still had half a glass of soda left. That was a really nice touch of attention that made us feel welcome even though our meal was done and the bill had been paid. I'm already looking forward to my next visit back.

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