June 20, 2009

traveltip: pocket this

Today on Twitter, I replied to a question from @jaunted that I realized would make a good "traveltip" for the blog (while also realizing that I have forgotten to continue with the occasional traveltip theme altogether). They asked for tips to avoid pickpockets and what to do with your passport. I have no idea if he had this purpose in mind, but several years ago my cousin Chris gave me a small change wallet about the size of a standard credit card. When traveling overseas, I always use this wallet and keep it in my front pant pocket. I carry my drivers license and a couple credit cards (along with usually the hotel key and my transit pass). I keep my paper money in there as well. As for the passport, I have never needed it except when crossing a country's border, so I leave it in the hotel safe (or hidden in luggage if there is no safe). I carry a xerox copy of my passport with me just in case I need it for any reason (though I never have). @flyboyvancouver also had a good suggestion of keeping a scanned version of your passport in your email so that you can access it from anywhere in case you should need to. Not groundbreaking tips, but sometimes when traveling, the simple things are the ones you don't think of.

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