June 18, 2009

summer nights

Another Dodger game tonight. The place was packed. We've had the best record in the majors all year I think, so I don't know if that's whats bringing people out. Maybe it's just the difference between a Thursday night and my usual Wednesday, when most of my games are this season. I never knew there were so many A's fans in LA, but there were a lot out there tonight. I have a hard time believing that the "free parking" promotion made a difference - but maybe so. It sure made the parking situation a mess, its been years since I experienced anything that bad at Dodger Stadium. But so it goes, who cares... the dogs were great, the game was great, and nothing beats a summer night at the ballpark. Except maybe one in October.

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Anonymous said...

Jon have you seen how a team spends a 5 hour rain delay? Google: usfteamdanceoff Bob