June 7, 2009

perfect daze

Saturday was about as perfect as beach weather can get. The sky had just a few puffy clouds, the breeze had just a bit of chill to it to counter the sun that was baking through. Perfect day to hop on the bike and meet up with friends at my favorite hangout: Naja's Place. Naja's is on the marina in Redondo Beach and features 77 beers on tap (though we noticed there were 87 yesterday) and 700 bottled beers. That means enough to satisfy my friend Pat's preference for hoppy varieties as well as my taste for whites and wheats (even though they waste too many taps on things like Pyramid and Widmer and not enough european options). Naja's only offers a few food items, but everything we've had there has been pretty tasty. The crowds always a pretty interesting mix and live bands range from reggae to classic hairband rock (we could do without those). No better place for beers on a perfect day. Afterward, Pat, Heith and I found ourselves at Hermosa Beach Yacht Club before capping the night with a Pizza from Micky's across the street. Its part of a beach bike tour we hope to repeat many times this summer. Next time, come along.

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