May 31, 2009

gray daze

California experiences a phenomenon called 'June Gloom' (also called 'May Gray' since it tends to happen more often in May than June) every year. June Gloom is basically a low marine cloud layer hanging low over coastal areas, creating gray skies and cooler temperatures. (Apparently, this is also a phenomenon in Peru, Namibia, and Western Australia - who knew?!.) Some years it is more predominant than others, usually because of a La Nina, but I generally don't remember days of it without a break or burn off. Usually I love those days - its a great and unusual break in the normal clear and sunny days which can honestly get a little monotonous, but the last few days have been unusually oppressive. In fact, I don't know if they actually qualify as June Gloom because the clouds never burned off in the afternoon the way they typically would. This afternoon, it became downright surreal along the beach with the skies a bright glowing solid white that made you feel snowblind. I'm sure ready for some color.

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