April 20, 2009

thanks, vin

The Los Angeles Dodgers have only had one sportscaster. Ever. I'm often lamenting fascinating things of the past that I missed; I'm lucky to say that this isn't one of them. Vin Scully began calling games for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1950 with Connie Desmond and Red Barber. In 1953, at 25, he became the youngest person to ever broadcast a World Series, a record that stands to this day. And when the Dodgers moved west in 1957, Vin moved with them. The Dodgers played in the LA Coliseum the first few years here, and because it was difficult to follow the action in the monstrous stadium, fans often brought transistor radios with them. To this day, fans with radios are a common thing at Dodger Stadium. This is his 60th consecutive year calling Dodger games, a record unparalleled in all of sports. Today, Scully usually calls the first three innings of a game on radio simulcast with the tv broadcast, then the rest just on television. I have no idea why they do it that way, but its a joy to hear. If you've never heard him, catch a part of history this season. Tuesday marks Vin Scully's induction into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Not a moment too soon. Congratulations Vin, and thanks.

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