April 7, 2009


A few years ago at the All-Star Game in Pittsburgh, my friend Myron and I checked out a little hole in the wall with a big reputation in Pittsburgh. Primanti Bros is legendary there for their sandwiches, particularly the original location near downtown that since the 30's has fed mill workers sandwiches with the fries and slaw served on the sandwich itself. For some unexplained reason, there are a couple Primanti Bros locations in Fort Lauderdale, though it seems customers there are generally ordering pizza more than sandwiches. For all I know, their pizza could be just as good, but I have too much of a soft spot for the sandwiches not to get one, since they make em the same way as the legendary ones in Pittsburgh. I went with my friend Kevin to the location just across the street from the beach in Lauderdale before catching our flights on Monday. Its naturally not as lovably ragtag and scruffy as the one in Pittsburgh, but considering where it is, its a pretty authentic substitute. And the sandwiches are, in fact, the real thing.

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Anonymous said...

they were sooooo good!