April 15, 2009


So my friend Alan decided the other day that he wanted to go skating. Once he added some sushi to the offer, who was I to say no? We trekked all the way across town to the Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale. While I used to rollerblade a fair amount, I haven't roller skated since maybe about the time Xanadu came out. (shut up.) I sure don't remember it hurting that much. It sucks to get old. I had read that this rink hasn't changed much since the 50's. That turned out to be a little more sad than fun and funky, but elements of the place were priceless - from the fold up cafeteria tables to the wall of rental skates to the snack bar. I can't say that I felt 14 again, but it was still a fun field trip.

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