April 12, 2009

old friends, new fun

My friend from college, Kelly, has been in town a few days with her husband, John, and twin girls. I got to have dinner with them the other night when they first got in to Venice and I got together with them again tonight to check out a sushi spot they found in West LA, which was pretty damn good. ("Hide", for the record.) We had a great feast and the girls were a hoot. I found out that earlier they had even made up a song about me. Who couldn't like that?! After sushi we headed to the Santa Monica Pier for some rides, games, and treats. On top of their going to the Getty earlier they must have been exhausted, not that you'd know it from the girls energy! It was a very full and fun night. I manage to see Kelly every few years or so, but its always like we're picking up as though we saw each other last week.

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