March 14, 2009


And so it begins... Friday marked the beginning of Starkbierfest in Munich, which unlike Wies'n or Oktoberfest, is not held in one single location, but rather in beerhalls throughout the city. I met up with some freinds at the Paulaner Nockherberg for my first Starkbier experience. Starkbier literally means strong beer, and it is. My friends were careful to warn me to take it slow, because two will generally be all someone can handle. Looking around, you could see the proof of that early on. I also indulged in a Schweinshaxe, a fatty cut of pork with a hard crisped skin that is a Bavarian specialty. They recommended it as one of the best choices to counter the beer and while it may not sound too appetizing, it was pretty incredible. The fest wrapped early and we moved on to the usual neighborhood pubs for barhopping, making it home as the sun began to rise. I'm just glad we have a day before the big Sunday Starkbierfest celebration.

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ktmskin said...

na dann: prost! :-)