March 22, 2009


So I finally have some visitors taking advantage of the offer to visit the beach I seem to always be making to everyone. My friend Frank from Berlin and his mate Norbert are traveling the states and are here for a day or two on their way through California. Today was an absolutely crazy day weatherwise here. The winds were blowing in ways I've never seen before, causing it to be a pretty cold and blustery day - and even knocking out the power a couple times. I took them down to Uncle Bill's for some pancakes to start the day (especially after Frank's face lit up at the mention of pancakes). After braving the winds back (by that time they were too strong to even walk along the beach), we made our way toward downtown and wandered along its Eastern edge under some of LA's bridges and among warehouses. Norbert is a photographer, so we were hunting for good areas for him to shoot and successfully found a few. We also wandered through Union Station and Olvera Street since we were passing by, and then made our way to one of my favorite spots in the city - Clifton's Cafeteria for dinner. Not the greatest food, but the greatest place. It was a fun and filling day many times over.

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Jim said...

Clifton's Cafeteria? It's George's favorite place in downtown L.A. It's definitely an interesting hangout. I love the pic with the cloud hovering over downtown L.A. Very "Independence Day." Sounds like you had a great time in München again. I still have to take George there and show him around in my old neighborhood.