March 5, 2009

new book, new chapter

Yeah, I can't think of anything much more geeky than writing a blog post about a computer. Except maybe taking pictures of the unboxing process. But needless to say, the decision to invest in a new one was arduous enough, so the process and anticipation of waiting for it to get here has taken up a lot of my attention lately. It was difficult not to refresh the UPS tracking page every hour to see if there was any change from the time it showed it in Shanghai last Saturday and making its way through Anchorage, Louisville, Los Angeles, then Gardena (I could have picked it up at that Los Angeles stop!), and then finally "out for delivery" early this morning. I did my best to contain my panic when the UPS truck delivered packages to neighbors but not to me this morning. Then finally this afternoon, it showed. I swear I heard the angelic chorus when I opened the box. I gave the System Migration a try, which was torture in that it took hours; so I left and went to the gym, but when it finished later, it had automatically transferred all the software and settings from my desktop to the laptop in one move. That's kinda impressive. My wireless is still connected to TimeWarner Cable, which naturally isn't working tonight (it goes out about once a week) - we'll be switching that to Fios tomorrow. Still a lot to check and test, but its here. And so far, it works. Just in time to break it in with an adventure next week.

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Unknown said...

I love it...I'm all excited about it and it's not even mine :)
Congrats on your new baby