March 13, 2009


A few random pics from a rainy Munich Thursday. The highlight of the day was joining my friend Richard and a couple of his friends for a production of Rocky Horror at the Deutsches Theater. It was the stage show with the songs in English and narration in German, so were weren't sure what level of audience participation to expect. We bought 'fanpacks' that have a lot of the 'supplies' you need (even if that is a little counter-intuitive to the whole point - it was handy) and despite the feeling in the lobby of an enthusiastic crowd, it was fairly demure. It was still fun though. Otherwise, still gradually trying to shift more toward normal hours, with limited results, but no complaints. I'll probably be shifted over just in time to leave! Tonight marks the official beginning of Starkbierfest, so I suspect there will be no lack of enthusiasm about.

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