March 10, 2009


Well I've made it to Munich! Not much really to tell yet. The trip started out harried... I had so much going on on Monday that I wasn't even packed when my friend Alan showed up to give me a ride to the airport. I guess I've done this enough that I was able to successfully throw everything together pretty fast. The only thing I realized that I forgot were Reesee's candies for my friend Richard - but I remembered while still at the airport in LA so was able to get some. The flight was easy. I had downloaded some shows onto my phone to watch, did some work, and even got some sleep, but only after starting the flight with some 'Happy Mix'. How can you not love that? I didn't check the label to see if it was German, but it reminds me of how Englishised names of German products often come out to be amusing (at least to me) - especially when made to be one word - not unlike the "Bigsexyland" I posted on here while in Berlin last September. Or the "Tricky Ricky Handwashcreme" that greeted me in my hotel bathroom tonight. The hotel is nice (for a cheap find) and I'm finally starting to get my second wind after some serious jetlag a couple hours ago, so will probably make it out to explore a little tonight. But the real fun begins tomorrow.

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