February 7, 2009

word up

I have to admit, I really just love this site for the visuals. I love the way they have handled it visually (even if they have broken a cardinal sin by stretching type), but I will warn you that the audio is annoying, so the first thing you will want to do is click the audio off button in the lower left corner of the white frame... Anyway, Save the Words is a website dedicated to saving words that are in danger of extinction because they are falling out of use. So, you can sift through words, find one you like, and pledge to save it by using it, perhaps in your daily blateration. They also include suggestions of different ways to use them; from pet names, to instant messages, to skywriting. And if you really want your vocabulary to gumfiate, you can even sign up for a word a day to come to your email. So be sure to do your part, and check it hemerine!
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