February 17, 2009

what's appenin

iPhone Apps are all the rage, and three design apps have come out that are worth knowing about if you don't already. The best designed of the three is the least functional, but maybe the one that might get the most use. Kern, despite the name, is not about kerning, but a video game similar to Tetris in which you visually try to place a letter in the remaining word as it falls from the top of the screen. It's a quick non-committal game thats easy to play for 10 seconds or 10 minutes, and a nice piece of design in itself. WhatTheFont is an app from type sellers myfonts.com. With it, you can take a photo of a piece of type, then upload it and go through a process to bring you to the name of the font in your photo. I have to admit, with several different tests, it never identified the font correctly, but the results page brings you to several similar fonts as well, so if you're looking for a certain style or family to peruse through and find the right one for your needs, this can still be useful. Another way to peruse through fonts by style is FontShuffle, from the folks at fontshop.com. Narrow down the style of typeface you need by category and keyword, and then shuffle through pages of options. And to top it off, WhatTheFont and FontShuffle are free, so why not? Enjoy.


langolier said...

I knew the Apps would get you! HA!

.... 35 unread emails????

Unknown said...

yeah, I don't read a lot of e-commerce email that comes in the mail account that I use for those beyond the subject line